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What we do

Provide end-to-end support on all aspects of the fundraising process, which comprises financial forecasting and modelling advising on business planning. Providing tools and data to better understand your company valuation. Preparing a ‘killer’ pitch deck and identifying ideal investment partners.

Matchmake and present the investment opportunity to relevant investors. Further identify alternate funding opportunities including Government R&D schemes, and tax breaks*. Advice on Patent and Intellectual Property applications [in US & UK]*. Support with due diligence, legal and transaction documentation.

*We have a referral network in place to assist our clients

We request you to complete our initiation form. Upon receiving the form, we arrange a discovery call to understand our client’s requirements, where we would discuss the business background, financial requirements, financial history, objectives and suitability of our services.

Post-on-boarding, we investigate the existing business, looking at aspects including evaluating business operations. Researching competitive market trends. Deep diving into the business model, the strategy in supporting the growth and validating capital requirements and spend.

Key Stages

Next Steps

Following the initial discovery call, internal evaluation

and agreement on scope of work, we:


We charge a commission on the capital successfully raised which varies dependent on the client’s funding requirements and business complexities.

We typically include a monthly retainer, fully offsetable against the commission, dedicated towards tasks including working on pitchbooks, business plans, financial modeling, valuations and researching suitable investors.

All engagements are on the basis of our standard terms and conditions.