Emerge Capital is an advisory business connecting investors to founders of early-stage, AI-driven enterprises seeking funding and growth capital

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Why Us?

We aim to find great founding teams and businesses ripe for investment, providing investors with the comfort they need to know they are looking at a high quality, curated portfolio of investment opportunities

We carefully select businesses to advise and look for those diamonds in the rough

We undertake an initial due diligence process with each and every client onboarded

We are a team of executives with a combined experience of over 100+ years in M&A, banking and finance, listed corporates and technology start-ups

The net result is a curated pipeline of vetted investment opportunities

Our Focus

We ensure founders and businesses are investor-ready, which includes:

What we do

Rigorous client selection process

Financial evaluation

Assistance with preparation of materials

Commercial due diligence process

Strategic assessment

Curated portfolio of clients